Top 100 Graphic Design Blogs

Got a creative mind, love of technology, and tons of ideas? Then graphic design might be for you. Learn more about this profession, along with thousands of insider tips, by taking a look at these top 100 graphic design blogs. Also useful for professional graphic designers, they are written by sites, professionals, freelancers, and contain information on everything from jobs to resources.

Top Graphic Design Blog by a Site

These sites offer tips and tools to graphic designers, along with their blogs.

    1. Webdesigner Depot: With 57,000 Twitter followers and 23,000 readers, this blog is definitely worth a visit. Recent entries showed 100 examples of Japanese Municipal flags and 25 examples of 2.0 and traditional design rules coming together.

    2. For a Beautiful Web: Based in the UK, they blog on more advanced practices of graphic design. Categories include accessibility, CSS, design, news, typography, and more.

    3. All Graphic Design: Articles on this blog span a range of topics including career and educational advice, information about software, lists of resources and tools, as well as many other topics of interest. Popular articles include Photoshop, vector shapes, and brochure design.

    4. Web Design Blog: This blog and site has many resources for those looking to create or build up a website. Recent entries show how to be listed in Google, designer portfolio, and a template contest.

    5. You The Designer: Part of the network, the blog focuses on graphic design, marketing, and branding. Latest entries include 66 vectors for green websites and eleven round die cut business card designs.

    6. Graphic Design: Templates, Tips, and Ideas: Get everything promised in the title, along with inspiration and business marketing. Recent entries are on converting from U.S. page size to international and promotional posters.

    7. Design Slurp: Stop here for regularly updated links to design sites and blogs from all around the world. You can choose by most recent, or get the latest in tutorials.

    8. Ninja Freelance: This blog is ideal for graphic and web designers, photographers, and other related professions. Part of Freelance Designers, they give tons of tips on finding jobs and marketing yourself.

    9. UX Booth: The blog focuses on usability, but you can get resources for both interactive and visual design. A highlight of this site is that they occasionally give free website reviews to all who meet the deadline.

    10. Dirty Mouse: An inspirational design blog, Dirty Mouse aims to provide visual food from graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, and product design. Choose from many categories including animation, art, illustration, posters, and others. 

Top Graphic Design Blogs by a Community

Written by a variety of graphic designers and other professionals, these blogs give several points of view on the art and industry.

    11. A List Apart: ALA is written by the community it serves: designers, developers, architects, producers, project managers, and assorted specialists. Get tons of useful blog entries, along with articles and a searchable topic database.

    12. Dev Opera: DV is a community resource site where developers share tips, tricks, extensions, and more. Check out the latest entry, or view the libraries or forums.

    13. Webmonkey: Get daily news for developers from the team at “Wired.” Categories include web basics, visual design, programming, and much more.

    14. Print Blog: Get daily updates from a variety of design contributors from this publication. Posts feature art reviews, design tips, and anything related.

    15.Website Magazine: Contributors from this leading magazine post on all things related to websites. Recent entries are on visual web analytics in 3D and Bing cash back.

    16. Design Float: Several contributors blog on web design news and tips. Latest posts include 30 examples of brilliant logo design and showcase of fantastic login pages.

    17. Folio: Dedicated to magazines and publications, they have a special section for design. Read a useful article or stop by the resources section for podcasts, white papers, and more.

    18. iMedia Connection: These contributors focus on marketing, but one of them, Robert, is the Interactive Creative Director for Javelin Direct. He writes on design and beyond, and the other bloggers are helpful as well.

    19. Oracle Blogs: Stop here for software professionals and useful blogs. Get tips on how to utilize Oracle software and more here.

 Top Graphic Design Blog by a Professional

Take a look at these graphic design blogs written by those who are at the top of the game.

    20. Paper to Pixel: Pawel is a managing partner and looks after web usability and front end development at Think Two in Dublin. A recent entry dealt with the 15 don’ts every graphic designer should know.

    21. Vandelay Design: What began as an attempt to showcase work became a blog for web designers and online entrepreneurs. Latest posts were on the best websites for inspiration and 17 Photoshop tutorials.

    22. Outlaw Design Blog: Danny Outlaw authors this blog on all things graphic design. Posts include must have Grunge fonts, a guide to passive income, and 30 essential Twitter tutorials.

    23. Studio 7 Designs: This company produces impressive graphic designs in a variety of areas. Popular posts on the blog include sprout, wall papers, and the great Adam Woodhouse.

    24. Abuzeedo: Fabio Sasso is a Brazilian designer living in Porto Alegre who is working with 3YZ Digital Performance. You can read the latest entry, most popular, or get tutorials.

    25. Shopify: They help others design, build, and run online stores. Check out their blog for useful tips and even a shop of the moment.

    26. Colour Lovers: They are a resource that monitors and influences color trends for ad campaigns, product design, or in architectural specification. Stop by the blog for more, or check out the palettes and patterns.

    27. For Designers: David Greenwell of the GDC gives tips for graphic designers. Categories include education, ethics, events, sustainability, inspiration, and community.

    28. The MOO Blog: They create custom business cards, designs, and more. Check out the blog for useful entries and even contests open to all graphic designers.

Top Graphic Design Blog by a Freelancer

These graphic designers work for themselves in between blogging.

    29. Just Creative Design: Jacob is a self-employed as a graphic designer, specializing in the fields of corporate identity, web design, and branding based in Australia. Popular articles include what makes a good logo and 30 fonts all designers must know.

    30. We Function: This group specializes in designing websites and blogs. In addition to the helpful posts, you can also get loads of freelance and work related icons at no charge.

    31. Spoonfed Design: Scott is a freelance writer and design enthusiast who blogs about inspiration, news, tips, and more for designers. A recent entry gave tons of information on how to use 3D and Photoshop.

    32. Six Revisions: Jacob and guest authors blog on web development and design for people who build websites. Along with helpful posts, you can get tutorials and freebies.

    33. SpoonGraphics: Chris is a self employed designer, who earns a fulltime living with a mix of blogging and the odd design project living in the U.K. Get interesting blog posts, articles, tutorials, and freebies.

    34. Graphic Design Blog: Tara is a thirty something freelance graphic designer based in England. Posts help you improve your designs, find work, and more.

    35. Inspiredology: This anonymous graphic and web designer often posts on items of interest and recommendations. There are also resources for giveaways, interviews, logos, and video.

    36. Designfeedr: Another anonymous blogger discusses the highs and lows of design. They also feature interviews with designers.

Top Graphic Design Tutorials

Get a leg up on the competition by learning more or brushing up on these graphic design practices.

    37. All Graphic Design: Stop here for tons of resources for graphic designers including software and layout tips. There is even a design gallery and best of with more help.

    38. Web Designer Wall: Visit this site for a wall of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials. The latest tutorials include abstract vector art and mastering Illustrator effects.

    39. Articles: Tutorials: This database is provided by “Smashing.” Get free tutorials for help with Maya 3D, Photoshop, HTML 5, and more.

    40. PSDtuts: Stop here for an entire blog devoted to tutorials on Photoshop. Ideal for both those who think they know everything or are just starting out.

    41. Baseline: Built with typographic standards in mind, Baseline makes it easy to develop a website with a pleasing grid and good typography. Get more info on how to utilize it, along with how to work with columns.

    42. Mike’s Quarter: His blog focuses on Internet Marketing, but has a special section for graphics. Get tutorials for color, Photoshop, and especially marketing.

    43. PSHERO: Get free Photoshop tutorials, custom shapes, and more here. Be sure not to miss the Comic Book effects tutorial for interesting graphics.

    44. How To Make A Website: Ideal for those who don’t know flash or just need some help. Sections include the welcome screen, editor, preview, save, and publish.

    45. Help! My Business Sucks: Visit here for a weekly web TV show for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need help growing. There are 71 episodes and counting, and they even offer a free Nifty Clicks Live DVD.

Top Software for Graphic Designers

We all know Illustrator and the like, but these softwares go beyond graphic design to help you even more.

    46. Dropbox: This is a software that syncs your files online and across your computers. The files are stored on their servers, you can access them from any computer or their website, and it is compatible with the three major platforms.

    47. Boxee: On a laptop or connected to an HDTV, Boxee’s free software lets you navigate movies, television, music, photos, and even streaming content from websites. Ideal for graphic designers who want to preview or showcase their work on screen.

    48. Billing Orchard: This online electronic billing software application maintains hourly time billing, along with flat fee and recurring billing, and is managed using your web browser. Sign up for a free trial or to use their calculator to determine how much money you lose by not billing all of your time.

    49. Protoshare: Get this software for real time collaboration and increased productivity and communication between you and your clients or partners. Take the three minute video tour to learn more, or get a free 30 day trial.

Top Tools for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers, freelancers, and others can utilize these tools for marketing, designing, and more.

    50. Basecamp: Stop here for a leading web-based project collaboration tool. They have various plans and options, a free 30 day trial, and sign up takes as little as 60 seconds.

    51. MailChimp: More than 125,000 users take advantage of this completely free marketing email. It integrates with a variety of sites, such as Twitter and Paypal, and it even helps you design beautiful emails.

    52. FreshBooks: Try this site out to get online invoicing, time tracking, and an expense service. Over 800,000 professionals have used this site, and you can try it for free.

    53. StockLayouts: Get templates for stationery, brochures, and more starting at $1.33 with membership. There are also free samples under the trial section.

    54. iStockPhoto: The world’s preeminent collection of member-generated royalty-free images, there are no hidden fees or extra costs. There are over 5 million to choose from and you even get 20 images for free with sign up.

    55. Shutterstock: Another photo purchasing site, they also millions of royalty free stock photos to choose from. Learn more about membership, or you can get some photos and vectors for free.

    56. Layout Ready: Select a template from the design library and purchase online featuring brochures, newsletters, flyers, and more. There are even free trial templates.

    57. Kick Apps: More than 85,000 sites rely on KickApps technology to grow and engage their audiences with social media. You can also build your own photo and video sharing, widgets, and much more.

    58. Dream Template: For $59.95 you can get unlimited web template downloads with over 5,500 to choose from. There is also a blog and even a few freebies to choose from.

    59. MyFonts: Get a large collection of fonts available to preview before you buy. They also have a blog and allow you to sell your own fonts.

Top Free Stuff for Graphic Designers

Because graphic designers can also be low on cash, check out these free sites for help at no charge.

    60. Wix: Create a stunning website for free at this site. Over 1 million websites have been created, and there is a forum, tutorials, and even flash options.

    61. DivShare: Another online storage service, this one has a free option. You get 10GB of online storage accessible through the site.

    62. Brusheezy: This site is a place for artists to download and vote for the best custom Photoshop brushes. Download your favorite brush or patter, and you can even submit your own.

    63. ColorSchemer: Stop here for software on colors and schemes. Free options include ColorPix, Galleria, and other options.

    64. Vistaprint: Join this printing firm for free to purchase wholesale products and resell them. You can also get free design proofs and PDF uploads.

    65. Themestyle: Join for free to begin browsing and downloading web templates. You can also sell your own themes or get support from the site.

    66. Shrink The Web: Get fully automated website thumbnails for free at this site. There is also a paid feature and do it yourself thumbnails.

    67. Free Graphic Design: Visit here to get free backgrounds, bullets, buttons, patterns, and images. They also have links to graphics and clip art.


Top Job Sites for Graphic Designers

Need a permanent, contract, or even internship graphic design job? Then check out these sites.

    68. 37signals: This job board stands out for its notable listings from top companies. Currently, there are openings with Sony Music, Barnes &, and Yahoo!

    69. iFreelance: Stop here to post your profile and get access to hundreds of buyers. They have featured services providers, along with rankings for each, and projects up for bid in many categories.

    70. Project4Hire: Clients seeking custom web design, graphic designers, programmers, and more stop here for bids. Registration is free and there is an impressive selection of graphic design jobs.

    71. Career Builder: A quick search for design turns up over 6,000 entries in IT, management, marketing, and more. You can also narrow by city, state, and even company.

    72. Elance: Get options for individuals, small business, and large businesses to connect freelance workers with jobs. Basic membership is free and you can find out more about their paid services.

    73. Print Jobs: Stop here for the latest in print and design jobs. Choose from graphic, industrial, 3D design, and more, or view them all.

    74. Web Design Job Board: Stop here for jobs in design, development, SEO, and others. Jobs are listed as full time or freelance, and you can post a job for free.

    75. Freelance Switch: Visit this site to get jobs for graphic designers working freelance. There is also a blog, podcast, a rolodex, and more.

    76. Graphic Design Jobs: Stop here for a list of graphic designing jobs in the U.K. Recent ones include designer for t-shirts and web.

Top Communities for Graphic Designers

Meet other graphic designers and artistic professionals by checking out these online communities.

    77. Graphic Design Community 2.0: An online social network for graphic designers, there are over 21,000 members. Join to share a blog, portfolio, be listed in the directory, and more.

    78. Graphic Design Freelance Designers: They help thousands of businesses connect with graphic designers and other creative professionals by providing them with free bids. There are over 35,000 freelance artists registered and even a gallery.

    79. Design Talk Board: Graphic designers can come here for the latest in industry news, forums, and resources. You can also get product reviews and features.

    80. Graphic Design Forum: Visitors can view the message boards or sign up to post something of their own. Categories include web design, the Crit Pit, and printing.

    81. Reddit: Got a problem with a specific program? Then visit these forums to get the answers to these, or questions on other topics.

Top Associations for Graphic Designers

Learn more about these graphic design associations and how they can help you.

    82. AIGA: Located in New York, this professional association has chapters all across the country. Learn more about membership, attend one of their events, and you can even get job resources.

    83. Society of Graphic Designers of Canada: Canadian graphic designers can come here for resources for designers, businesses, students, and more. There are also free features to read such as a good design plan and tips.

    84. ICOGRADA: The International Council of Graphic Design Associates is based in London, but anyone from across the globe can join. Visitors can also find news, features, event info, and other resources.

Top Publications for Graphic Designers

These magazines are devoted to giving graphic designers the latest in news and tips.

    85. Graphic Design USA: This is the news magazine for graphic designers and other creative professionals. They have a Winner’s Gallery online where you can view top graphic designs, along with a section for free stuff.

    86. Website Magazine: Get essential advice from top industry experts with a subscription to this magazine. You can also get sample issues for free online, along with professional forums.

    87. Smashing Magazine: Subscribe to this magazine to get resources for CSS, Photoshop, and much more. There are also tons of useful articles for free on the homepage.

    88. Print Mag: The magazine all about design, you can get many free resources with a subscription. In addition to useful articles, there is also information on competitions.

    89. Oracle: The makers of top web development software, they also have a magazine. You can read articles or check out a video or podcast.

    91. R Mag: This is a new online magazine about contemporary-art, graphic design, design, music, and photography. 33 issues and counting are available on the site.

    92. Design Tools Monthly: Part newsletter, part software closet, this publication has been going since 1992. Get a free sample, or listen to their weekly podcast.

Top Galleries for Graphic Designers

Need inspiration? Then visit here to see what the best graphic designers have created, or share your own.

    93. Folio Focus: Stop here for a web design gallery of the best portfolio sites. Browse by styles such as clean, dark, colorful, or submit your own site.

    94. Noupe: Check out this blog to view their favorites in web design. Popular posts include best WordPress themes, best icons, and freebies.

    95. Designflavr: Stop here for a moderated art and design showcase built entirely upon submissions. Submit your own, or check out categories such as abstract, CSS, portfolios, and more.

    96. HOWDesign: Showcase your work and get feedback from other designers here. There is also a business and freelance section where you can ask questions and find tips.

    97. LogoPond: A must for any business, see what the top logos for business are. You can also submit your own, view the most popular, and more.

    98. Logo Lounge: Similar to the above, they specialize in logos and trends. They also have featured members, designers, and more resources.

    99. We Love WP: Think WordPress can’t produce an impressive blog template? Then visit here to see why it can, or to submit your favorite WP blog.

    100. Own It: Now that you have displayed your work, learn how to protect it and all intellectual property with the help of this firm in London. Get loads of useful advice, along with the latest news.

Be prepared for your next class or that big presentation by utilizing all of the top 100 graphic design blogs. They can even help with portfolio building, web design, networking, branding, and so much more.