The 50 Best Free Online Comic Strips You’ve Never Heard Of

If laughs are as in short supply as money, then check out these 50 best free online comic strips you’ve never heard of. They are good for a laugh, to kill some time, and to change your mood for the better.

Included are some well-known favorites, along with up and coming strips. Whether looking for adventure, adult content, or a politically themed laugh, they are well worth the price.

Best Free Online Comic Strips You’ve Probably Heard Of

Although you may have heard of all of the comic strips below, chances are you haven’t read or appreciated them in a while.

    rankopedia.com1.Calvin and Hobbes : If you’ve only seen them on t-shirts, then this comic strip is a must see. Young Calvin and his favorite stuffed animal, Hobbes, get into all sorts of hijinks on a daily basis. This site features reprints of the famous strip and is visited by thousands of fans.

    2. Peanuts : Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the entire gang in this classic comic strip. Although Charles Schultz may have passed, the strip continues to live online. There are also other Peanuts resources on the site.

    3. Garfield : You don’t have to pick up the paper to read the adventures of this lasagna-loving cat. Jim Davis brings the strips, along with loads of other Garfield fun, to this website. You can get games, e-cards, downloads, and a total online shop.

    4. Dilbert : This comic strip is a must read for anyone who works or has worked in the white collar industry. In addition to the daily comic strip, you can also get mashups and animations. A standout feature of the site is the ability to create your own personal Dilbert-themed page. There are also widgets, most popular strips, a blog, and even a mobile app.

    5. Doonesbury : Now available at “Slate” magazine, this comic strip can be found online. Entering it’s 35th anniversary, you can also search through the archive or get guidelines for reprinting. There is also a daily dose feature, where you can take your Doonesbury in small doses.

    6. B.C. : Johnny Hart asks the question of what a comic strip would be like from thousands of years ago? Surprisingly like the ones of today. Stop by for a peek or search through the database.

    7. Family Circus : First featured in the 1960’s, the adventures of a family of six would live on for twenty years. Check out classic strips or have a look at the store. You can even see Bill Keane’s original artwork on the site.

    8. FoxTrot : Follow the adventures of a modern family as they navigate all sorts of challenges. Bill Amend not only has a comic strip on the homepage, but there is also a blog with more information. He also includes links to his comic influences.

    9. The Lockhorns : Only have time for a few panels and love comics about an old married couple? Then check out how the Lockhorns are doing and who is winning today’s battle. You can read the cartoon, learn about the creators, and more.

    10. Baby Blues : Unlike the above, this online comic strip depicts a couple who are just starting out together. The site features a strip and a link to their Facebook page. There are also comic themed tools such as a family tree and scrapbook.

Best Free Online Comic Strips You’ve Never Heard Of

Stop by the below for the best in the lesser known free comic strips.

    11. The Oatmeal : Get an oasis of sanity in an insane world by reading this free comic strip. Strips are often guides on obscure things like beer, cats, and ponies. Adult content is featured.

    12. FreakAngels : Writer Warren Ellis provides this adult and engaging comic strip entirely for free. The Freak Angels outcasts struggle to survive in a post apocalyptic world with a new comic strip every week. There are 78 episodes and counting, along with the option to purchase the work in volumes.

    13. The Onion : You may have already heard of “America’s Finest News Source,” but did you know they have editorial cartoons? With a new one every week, they are worth a look. You can also dig through the archives.

    14. Piled Higher and Deeper : Anyone seeking a graduate degree or in anyway involved in higher education should check out this strip. The comic strip is written by several grad students in a variety of fields. You can check out the newest strip or view the 200 most popular.

    15. Ctrl+Alt+Del : Follow the story of a bunch of friends who love computer games. In addition to the strip, you can get extras and even a forum. Beware of adult content.

    16. xkcd : Randall Munroe brings a stick-figure free online comic strip featuring humor about technology, science, mathematics, and relationships. Formerly working on robots for NASA, Randall named the strip for a word with no phonetic pronunciation. In addition to many strips, there is also a forum and blog.

    17. Dinosaur Comics : Get “awesome fun times” with creatures from the Jurassic period in this comic strip. Ryan North creates this strip from Toronto, Canada. In addition to the archive, you can also get “sexy exciting merchandise.”

    18. MegaTokyo : Piro and Largo, two American gamers, travel to Tokyo on a whim and find they can’t afford tickets home. The comic strip follows their adventures against ninjas, giant lizards, androids, the undead, and more. Stop by to check out the latest adventure.

    19. Day By Day : Follow Jan, Damon, and their friends as they engage in political and adult adventures. Chris Muir is the creator and believes that starving artist should be a metaphor. If you like the comic strip, follow him on Twitter.

Best Free Online Political Comic Strips You’ve Never Heard Of – Left

Because politics is often its own joke, take a look at the below free online political comic strips for liberals.

    hollywoodcomicbooks.com20. : Stop here for a variety of political cartoons from this leading website. They include “Tom the Dancing Bug,” “This Modern World,” and more. You can view the latest comic strips or check out the archived ones. There are also blogs and most popular stories on the page.

    21. Slowpoke : Jen Sorensen brings you alternate weekly political cartoons. You can also search for political cartoons on everything from abstinence to video games. There is also a blog and archive with more.

    22. The Funny Times : Stop here for loads of political free online comic strips by a variety of creators. You can read online or get a subscription. Freshest Picks and new comic strips are featured daily.

    23. Today’s Best Cartoons : Daryl Cagle brings the best of the day’s political cartoons to one spot. Part of MSNBC, they include cartoons from major newspapers across the nation. He also keeps a blog on the same topic.

    24. Laugh Lines : Visit this humor blog from “The New York Times” to get loads of free online comic strips. In addition to the political, you can also get the old fashioned kind. There is also the best in late night monologues if you missed your favorite show.

    25. Cartoons of the Week : This weekly political cartoon is brought to you online for free by “TIME” magazine. You can get it mailed to your inbox, or search for past ones. There are also Pictures of the Week and Quotes of the Day.

    26. : This page of free online political comic strips is sponsored by “Slate.” You can view by topic of choice and even purchase the cartoon. There are also loads of other columns here.

    27. : Miss seeing all those political comic strips on George W. Bush? Then visit here for thousands of archived ones. Adult content follows.

Best Free Online Political Comic Strips You’ve Never Heard Of – Right

Lean the other way with the help of these free conservative comic strips.

    28. Townhall : Well known for its visible conservative community, it is lesser known for its free online comic strips. A variety of contributors post on everything from Climate Gate to President Obama. They also have videos, podcasts, and more.

    29. Attack Cartoons : Varmint brings insensitive comics and dead on target humor here. Given in blog form, topics include caricatures, Hollyweird, old toons, and many more. The most recent entry took a shot at Climate Gate.

    30. American Thinker : A variety of editors scour the web to bring the best in political cartoons. Topics include national security, science, technology, medicine, and others. Check out the archives or do a search for the topic of your choice.

    31. Politically Correct : Jim Huber brings you original conservative cartoons every week. With the archive containing over 400 entries, make time for this site. There is even a section for both fan and hate mail.

    32. Eden Political Cartoons : Dave Eden brings a free online conservative comic strip every week. Recent entries include leftist war history and ACLU Christmas carols.

    33. The Barack Obama Cartoons : Stop here for free online comic strips entirely on the 44th president of the United States. There are tons on the site. You can also find cartoons on other political topics such as healthcare, climate, and elections.

    34. Red Planet Cartoons : This creator brings impressive drawings into the political comic strips. Topics include KSM, climate science, and Nancy Pelosi. Commentary and relevant articles also follow entries.

    35. Cox & Forkum : This creator mainly posts on Iranian themed comic strips. There hasn’t been a new entry in a while, but there the commentary that comes with each strip is worth a look.

Best Free Online Comic Books

Why pay up to $5 per issue or more for classics, when you can read this comic books free and online?

    36. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited : The makers of titles such as “Spiderman” and “X-men,” they have dozens of comics to read online for free. Classics from the 1960’s are available, as well as newer titles. You can also subscribe to digital comics to get access to thousands of comics in the Marvel database.

    37. DC Comics : They publish such titles as “Superman” and “Batman.” Visit the site to get a free preview of upcoming works. Simply click on a title with an icon to view the first couple of pages.

    38. Dark Horse : With the rights to titles such as “Buffy,” “Hellboy,” and “Star Wars,” this site is worth a look. Much like the above, issues are available for a free preview. There are also special looks, exclusives, and more on the site.

    39. Image Comics : Get full first issues of comic books you’ve never heard of here. They currently include “A Distant Soil” and “Age of Bronze.” There is also a blog and story previews on the site.

    40. Comic Book Resources : This site gives reviews and previews of comic book titles from all the major and minor publishers. Visit to get reviews before you buy. There are also exclusive previews of entire issues and even several blogs to choose from.

Best Free Online Comic Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

Still haven’t had your comic fix? Then visit these sites to get compilations of all sorts of comic strips.

    41. BizarroBlog : Dan Piraro keeps a daily blog with a mix of syndicated cartoons and his thoughts, usually pertaining to that particular cartoon. There are nearly 500 entries on the daily “Bizarro.” Topics covered range from current events, to celebrities, to religion, to politics, to animals, and frankly anything else that Dan finds interesting, all presented in a lighthearted manner.

    42. Go Comics : With over 150 comics and 24 editorials, this site is a must visit to read free comic strips online. Both up and coming and classic comic strips are featured. You can also choose by most popular or even comics in Spanish.

    43. : This site has over 90 comic strips to choose from. Popular ones include Luann, 9 Chickweed Lane, Nancy, and more. You can also get editorial cartoons and widgets.

    44. King Features : Get a list of classic comics from A to Z on this free site. You can also get editorial cartoons, as well as puzzles and games. The site also allows you to view information from a variety of national newspapers.

    45. Daily INK : This site provides exclusive access to nearly 100 comic strips, including the newest and classics. You can have a subscription delivered to your email inbox for as little as $15 a year. They also have a daily feature at no charge.

    46. : If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, check out this site. It contains a massive database that tells you where you can find online comic strips. Genres include gay/lesbian, science, fantasy, horror, and many more.

    47. Comic Match : If you like Pandora for music, you’ll love this site for free online comic strips. Simply begin viewing and rating the strips to be matched with those of similar interest. You can even view the ones you hate, as well as the ones you love.

    48. Freesticky : Need to put some comic strips on your website without paying royalties? Then visit this site to get free cartoons, jokes, comic strips, and more. They even have a recommended section if you need help choosing.

    49. Comic Genesis : This site offering free online comic strips goes beyond the others in offering visitors the chance to create one of their own. You can also choose comics in genres such as science fiction, romance, and real life. Join the community to learn more.

    50. Guia del Comic : Looking to read free online comics strips in Spanish? Then stop here for a complete directory. Comic strips include Calvin and Hobbes, Spiderman, and many more.

Both adults and children of all ages can find loads to appreciate on the above 50 best free online comic strips you’ve never heard of. They are a great way to reconnect with a favorite, read classics, and fall in love with the newest comic strips.