50 Fabulous Blogs for Green Fashionistas

“Going green” can mean far more than just recycling and paying attention to the use of resources. Fashionistas with a concern for the environment need not worry about whether or not all their favorite finds come saddled with practices unfriendly to both the environment and manufacturers at the bottom of the entrepreneurial hierarchy. Ethical, sustainable design comes in a plethora of shapes and sizes – as varied as the eco-conscious themselves – suitable for every taste and budget. The following bloggers cover everything from the pinnacle of eco-friendly haute couture affordable only by celebrities who exploit the green movement to draw more attention to themselves all the way down to the needs of earnest college students who have to count every penny.

1. ecofashionworld : Both a blog and a website, ecofashionworld concerns itself with discussing the latest trends in ethical and green fashion alike.

2. Commerce with a Conscience : Learn how to look sharp without compromising either a commitment to eco-friendly, ethical fashion or keeping within a budget.

3. Ethical Style : Upcycled, socially-conscious and green fashion stand in the spotlight at the utterly fabulous Ethical Style.

4. The Discerning Brute : Gentlemen concerned with establishing a classy, ethical and – of course – eco-friendly existence would do well to check out this excellent lifestyle blog. It frequently features postings on smashing togs for the socially and environmentally-conscious male.

5. Ethical Fashion Forum : This nonprofit wants to promote an awareness of green initiatives and social responsibility in the interest of consumers, manufacturers and merchants alike.

6. Fashion + Beauty at Treehugger : Treehugger, one of the leading green lifestyle blogs on the internet today, keeps a special section devoted to beauty and fashion tips and trends for green adherents.

7. ecco*eco : Read ecco*eco for all the latest green news and trends straight from the runways and boutiques of top designers.

8. Ecotextile News : Designers and DIY types concerned with whipping up environmentally-friendly fashions will enjoy following the newest developments in creating sustainable materials.

9. Fade to Green :: by Titania Inglis : Peer into the creative process of one fashion designer, whose goals revolve around whipping up gorgeous garments that have little to no negative impact on the environment.

10. ecouterre : Targeting both men and women alike, ecouterre serves up luscious green fashion and DIY articles alongside some general lifestyle tips and tricks.

11. Eco-Chick : This women’s lifestyle blog provides articles on staying fabulous within green philosophies, with excellent, eclectic fashion and beauty postings.

12. Seed & Sew : Seed & Sew focuses on writing about adorable clothing and accessories fashioned from organic and sustainable cloth.

13. The EcoDiva : Ethical, sustainable and DIY fashion and beauty advice abounds on this incredible online resource for the green glitterati.

14. Ecofabulous : The undeniably amazing Ecofabulous discusses green fashion for both the body and the home, peppered with great tips on environmentally-friendly parenting and lifestyle as well.

15. Green Grechen : Stop by Green Gretchen for amazing advice on looking lovely without negatively impacting the environment.

16. Green by Design : Environmentalism enthusiasts hoping to learn about adhering to a green lifestyle will definitely appreciate the discussions of clothing, accessories and other products that fall within their preferences.

17. Ecorazzi : Green Fashionistas in search of advice with a healthy dosage of celebrity gossip have plenty to browse at the Ecorazzi blog.

18. Fashion at EcoSalon : EcoSalon covers a broad spectrum of people and products attractive to the green movement, and their Fashion blog carries over the same sustainable sensibilities as the others.

19. Fashion Loves People : Although Janette Crawford mainly focuses on socially ethical fashion, she does frequently showcase environmentally-friendly clothing and accessories as well.

20. Fashion at The Alternative Consumer : Every day, The Alternative Consumer posts up the best deals going on trendy, environmentally-conscious fashions – among other products as well!

21. Haute Verte Couture : High fashion and sustainability converge in this well-written fashion blog, which tends to veer more towards focusing on celebrities instead of real people.

22. Magnifeco : Updated every day, Magnifeco stands on the precipice of sustainable fashion trends, tips and designers.

23. N.E.E.T. Magazine : N.E.E.T. Magazine showcases independent, sustainable fashions and home décor for the discerning environmentalist.

24. remade in melbourne : Hayley Lau expounds upon ethical, sustainable, upcycled crafts – an oft-overlooked component of green fashion – in addition to relevant articles and discussions of trends and products.

25. Feelgood Style : Feelgood Style provides visitors with an informative resource on how to dress well without having to hurt the planet or exploit laborers along the way.

26. Fashion at Haute Nature : Discover the latest and greatest green clothing and accessory trends on Haute Nature’s dedicated fashion blog.

27. Sustainable Style Foundation : SSF runs an impressively comprehensive blog that shines a spotlight on the designers and boutiques who seek to make their mark on the environmentally-conscious fashion scene.

28. DC Goodwill Fashionista : Buying secondhand clothes is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to look good on a budget without worrying about harming the planet. There are plenty of treasures to be found on the shelves of Goodwill!

29. Nitty Gritty : Equita presents a great guide to sustainable, ethical clothing and accessories for those hoping to look good and stay kind to the planet and laborers alike.

30. Eco Friendly Fashion : In addition to the blog, be sure to browse the Eco Fashion Directory for tips on what labels are currently working within green guidelines.

31. ThreadBanger : Beyond the ThreadBanger blog lay a thriving community devoted to DIY, upcycled fashions that certainly appeal to ardent environmentalists.

32. The Cleanest Line : The eco-friendly fashionista who enjoys a rollicking stint in the outdoors will love learning about the goings-on of the sustainable, organic clothing company Patagonia.

33. Centre for Sustainable Fashion : London College of Fashion’s Center for Sustainable Fashion keeps its readers on the cutting edge of green, ethical clothing, accessories and lifestyle trends.

34. Zuburbia : Buying vintage clothing ensures the consumption of fewer resources, less garbage and does not support the exploitation of workers. It is one of the simplest, most stylish ways to go green.

35. Fashion at Gorgeously Green : The Fashion blog at Gorgeously Green may not update as frequently as the others on this list, but the entire site warrants consideration by the environmentally-conscious.

36.Organic Beauty View : Read up on the latest organic beauty products, with a few articles sprinkled in regarding sustainable clothing and accessories as well.

37. Rain’s DIY Fashion Blog : About.com host Lorain Blanken blogs about some great DIY projects for creative consumers hoping to stay green within a tight budget.

38.Posh Swaps Blog : Organizing or participating in a clothing swap makes for yet another way that the fashion-conscious can keep within both budgets and green initiatives.

39. Ecofashion at elephant journal : Read the latest news and views on the sustainable fashion scene at elephant journal, which also features great blogs and articles on other facets of the environmental movement.

40. Kaight NYC : This blog and accompanying boutique (don’t worry – they have an online shop as well!) highlights up-and-coming fashion designers and trends who heavily emphasize sustainability and environmental friendliness.

41. My Beauty Bunny : Fashion aficionados looking for a few good beauty products to complement their green togs would do well to read these reviews of organic, cruelty-free, sustainable and occasionally vegan wares.

42. Refashionoso : Not all of the DIY tips on Refashionoso involve creating clothing, accessories and home décor items, but every posting is definitely worth reading.

43. Fashion and Beauty at Sustain Lane : This blog – part of a larger conglomerate of green resources – may not update as frequently as others listed here, but the eclectic contributors still provide some interesting perspectives on eco-friendly fashion all the same.

44. The Green Beauty Guide : Stay up-to-date with the newest products and strategies for ethical, environmentally-friendly cosmetics and skin care.

45. Jute and Jackfruit : Follow along with the latest news, events and trends within the ecofashion community – and be sure to check out special deals offered through the Juke and Jackfruit store, which features some excellent organic cotton goods!

46. Glamology : Natural beauty expert Charmaine Leah weighs in on how to stay lovely and healthy inside and out without compromising green principles.

47. Fig + Sage : Learn how to stay both fabulous and eco-friendly with Fig + Sage’s discussions of the newest fashions for home and body alike.

48. DIY Style : Pick up some excellent DIY tips, tricks and patterns at this comprehensive website, which sports a blog, vodcast, community and more! They unfortunately do not update the blog very much, but the rest of the site deserves a visit.

49. Recycled Fashion : This amazing blog celebrates the hidden treasures to be discovered at secondhand shops – and all with the intention of promoting green, ethical fashion choices!

50. The Etsy Trashion Street Team : Some Etsy merchants gather together to share their favorite finds on the site, all of them fashion accessories for body and home alike that have been fashioned from recycled or upcycled materials.

Anyone can participate in ecofashion, no matter their budget. With the knowledge gleaned from these bloggers, ardent fashionistas can don their cute new outfits with the secure knowledge that their doing so has no negative impact on Planet Earth or its inhabitants.