100 Awe-Inspiring Artists You Should Follow On Twitter

Everyone knows the works of Picasso, Van Gogh, and others, but who has the time or money to travel the world viewing works of new artists? And if you are one, or just enjoy it as a hobby, you know that inspiration is key in creating works of your own. Now you don’t have to set a foot outside your door or spend a dollar to get creative.

Those of you who have a Twitter account are in for some good news. We have found 100 awe-inspiring artists you should follow on Twitter listed mostly by number of current followers. A micro-blogging service, they offer free accounts to all, bringing you news, links, and more via tweets. Sign up or log in to begin checking out all the inspiration that awaits you.

Awe-Inspiring Art News You Should Follow on Twitter

Stop here first to get headlines on the latest trends and findings in art.

    freelancefoldercom1. NY Times Arts : Get just the art related news from leading newspaper “The New York Times.” Headlines come regularly and you can sort by theater, books, arts, and more.

    2. Top Art News : Don’t leave your Twitter account and instead get the latest news delivered right to you. This user is looking for the next great artist while giving up to the minute news.

    3. American Artist Magazine : The online product developer at this publication maintains this Twitter feed. Get answers and links to art headlines here.

    4. Artist A Day : Stop here to learn about the featured artist of the day, every day. They also link back to their work with even more inspiration.

    5. Blick Art : Get fresh tweets for anyone with a taste for art served up from Sierra in Illinois. Opinion, headlines, and more are given.

    6. Arts News : Both news and trends are featured here. Tweets are sparse but also link to useful articles.

    7. Art Log : This is an interactive art and cultural directory. Get news on events and artists in New York.

    8. Art Calendar : Visual artists can get news and updates here. Tips include everything from inspiring your art to doing your taxes.

Awe-Inspiring Artists of all Trades You Should Follow on Twitter

These artists have two or more areas of specialty.

    jungleboffincom9. Gemstars : She is an artist, weaver of ideas, and more from Canada. Random thoughts and links are featured on the Twitter feed.

    10. Dianne Hendrix : This artist and photographer is based in Alaska. Lists include art, writing, travel, and more.

    11. Douglas Decker : Doug is both a visual and taste artist, also known as a chef. Politics are mostly featured.

    12. Lissa Rankin : This artist is an OBGYN who has written about “encaustic art and coochies.” Find out what both of these are by following tweets.

    13. Art Wiz : One of the few curators on Twitter, you can find information and inspiration on tons of art. Tweets are also on random things.

    14. Tenacious Artist : Cathy F. is from Texas and runs Deutsch Friesenhahn Fin Art. Over 20,000 followers check in to hear her inspiring words on life, art, and more.

    15. Rob Sheridan : He is an artist, designer, and photographer from Los Angeles. He is also the Creative Director for alternative band Nine Inch Nails.

Awe-Inspiring Paint Artists You Should Follow on Twitter

These artists use brushes, easels, and more to create stunning visual masterpieces.

    1xcom16. Colorado Artist : This anonymous artist doesn’t share much about them, but is still a favorite among Twitter users. Tweets are often links to art, sushi, and more.

    17. Labedzki Art : This Canadian artist focuses on the abstract. Get links to work, auctions, and more.

    18. Apombalivre : Maria is a Portuguese painter who also is an illustrator and author of poems and short stories. Must speak the language.

    19. Boyd Greene : He finds inspiration in the Appalachian Foothills for his nature-based paintings. You can view his works, or get a response via Twitter.

    20. Quinn Michaels : This painter also dabbles in cold fusion development. He often engages followers with his tweets.

    21. Natasha : She is a painter of whimsical landscapes from Los Angeles. Responses and tips are found on this Twitter stream.

    22. Matthew Tubbesing : Get an artist who also enjoys jazz here. Everything from abstract to the Blues are discussed.

    23. Adelaide Damoah : From the U.K., she is an oil painter and a self-described “hermit and social butterfly.” See what she is up to from her tweets.

    24. Dan Byl : This painter actually uses eBay to sell his art. Latest works are often featured.

Awe-Inspiring Modern Artists You Should Follow on Twitter

Many different media are used to produce and inspire this sort of art.

    25. Museum of Modern Art : Located in New York, MOMA is a must follow for all modern artists. Tweets are most updates on goings-on at the museum.

    26. Arthur Rau : From Dublin, Ohio, he tweets on modern and contemporary art, theory, design, and more. Tweets are usually on random items.

    27. Donna Bernstein : This artist enjoys using horses as her subjects. She also works in paintings, sculptures, and more.

    28. BJ Katz : This artist has a wide variety of interests including healthcare, hospitality, spirit, and others. It’s been a while since the last tweet.

    29. Byer Studio : If you love art but can’t afford it, click here. Although there hasn’t been a new tweet in a while, the main site has more.

    30. SVFA : Steven Vail is an artist from Des Moines, Iowa. Follow him to get unprotected tweets.

    31. Robin Smink : Modern art is featured as street urban photography here. She tweets works, useful tips, and more.

    32. Swarez Art : This contemporary artist paints abstract and modern works of art. Tweets are often on random thoughts.

    33. Mauger Modern Art : This Twitter user focuses on this aspect of art. Get links, thoughts, and more.

    34. Plane Pieces : Get modern aviation art from this Twitter user. Sculptures, tables, lamps, and others are featured.

Awe-Inspiring Sculpture Artists You Should Follow on Twitter

These three dimensional works of art contain loads of inspiration.

    35. Pete Anton : His popsicle sculpture is featured on his profile pic. Updates on his work and responses fill most of the tweets.

    36. Kathy’s Art : This sculptor also does painting, poetry, politics, and more. Tweets are often on random topics.

    37. Budweiser Bob : He carved a guitar out of a tree and shows you in his profile pic. Tweets are often words of inspiration.

    38. Pereira da Silva : From Portugal, he is a sculptor that has been featured in the public and corporate world. He often links to new blog entries.

    39. Brisbane Artist : This Twitter user explores healing and spirituality through sculpture. Tweets often are on the same topic.

    40. Dances Sculpture: David is from Seattle where he is passionate about sculpture, family, basset hounds, and marketing. Get inspired for all of the above by following his tweets.

    41. Liz A. Myers : From “The Republic of Vermont,” she both sculpts and paints. Tweets are usually on daily life.

    42. Farrell Hamman : His art has been featured in The White House. In addition to sculpting, he also does paintings and mosaics.

    43. A Ball Studio : Andrew is a project manager by day and sculptor by night. Get tweets on both.

    44. AGP Art Studio : Learn more about sculptures in paint, pottery, and ceramics here. Politics make up the content of most of the tweets.

Awe-Inspiring Artists Who Love Art You Should Follow on Twitter

These Twitter users have a special love of art and share here.

    45. Estria : He strives to have graffiti recognized as a legitimate art form. See his work, along with the works of others by following.

    46. Mark E. Wade : He is a creative thinker form Connecticut. Get inspired by random thought and musings through tweets.

    47. Discover Artists : The site is an exclusive online gallery that promotes all sorts of artists. See who and what is currently being promoted.

    48. iTweetArt: The Law of Attraction and Gratitude are used when discussing art. A good choice for those who love art as much as this user.

    49. Adrianasimo : This Twitter user’s son has autism and doesn’t let it stop him from creating art. See what they are both up to by following tweets.

    50. Annie Strack : In addition to being a writer for “Art Calendar Magazine,” she is also a professional maritime artist. Tweets are often on daily life.

    51. Art Impress : Based in Russia, this is an association of artists, projects, and classics. Tweets in English are usually links to art related items.

    52. Art Upstart : An anonymous artist chronicles the art world from the outside in. Tweets are often random and insightful thoughts.

    53. Galerie Art Dumay : This art gallery specializes in all sorts of art as well as the frames that go with them. You don’t have to speak German to appreciate the links to impressive pictures.

    54. Dr. Paula Hudson : Are you an artist who wants to get in touch with the art loving community? Then follow Paula who specifically began the Twitter account to meet artists.

    55. Jaime Lyerly : An emerging artist herself, Jamie enjoys sculpture, studying, reading, and being a mother. Tweets are often art focused.

Awe-Inspiring Photography Artists You Should Follow on Twitter

See how these artists make impressive pictures with just a camera and lights.

    56. LIFE : Well known for its photography, this magazine is famous for its covers, Year in Pictures, and more. Tweets link to iconic photographs with loads of inspiration.

    57. The Big Klosowski : Andrew Klosowski is a professional photographer based in Denver. He often responds to the tweets of others.

    58. Gary Arndt : Based in Singapore, Gary is a travel blogger and photographer. Lists include hostels, parks and museums, photography, and gear.

    59. Heilan Yvette Grimes : This photographer also dabbles in writing, designing, and art. Tweets are random, but you can view works at Artist Rising.

    60. Jonathan Nafarrete : This photographer enjoys social media, drives a Ford Fiesta, and is proud of it. He often responds to tweets.

    61. Scott Bourne : He is the host of the Photofocus Podcast and president of Bourne Media Group. Tweets are often on photography and technology.

    62. Gerold Warnken : This photographer is from Germany. Must speak it or have a good translator to follow.

    63. Light Stalking : This Twitter feed is all about photography and getting the most out of it. Photo of the Day and much more are featured for inspiration.

    64. Peta Pixel : Get photography for the 2.0 generation in this Twitter feed. Tons of useful links are featured.

Awe-Inspiring Craft Artists You Should Follow on Twitter

These artists work with their hands to come up with all sorts of artistic pieces.

    65. Utrecht Art : An art supply store, they tweet on all sorts of art related topics. They often link to news stories on art.

    66. Katherine Friesen : She loves both woodworking and gardening. Tweets contain both tips and inspiration.

    67. Craft Magazine : Three artists tweet on crafts here. The how-to tweets are of particular interest.

    68. Café Handmade VCS : This virtual craft show features artist interviews, giveaways, and more. Check out the newest episode or completed works via tweets.

    69. KnotBy9 : This married woman still likes to play with dolls. Of particular note are the tweets linking to free crafts.

    70. Handmade Crafts : This online craft show features loads of handmade crafts and artists. Get links to all sorts of works by following.

    71. She’s Batty Design : This artist posts crafts on Etsy and Artfire. You can also see what she is up to via Twitter.

    72. Paige Lenox George : This knitter is a supporter of the handmade movement. See what it is and how you can take part by following tweets.

    73. Stampington : This company specializes in providing art supplies to women who want to craft. New items and deals are featured regularly.

Awe-Inspiring Writers You Should Follow on Twitter

Get inspired for art in print with the help of these writers on Twitter.

    74. Neil Gaiman : Get inspired by the writer of works such as “Coraline” and “Stardust.” Neil also writes comics, a blog, and keeps a regular Twitter feed.

    75. Warren Ellis : The writer of several comic books, Warren’s ability to connect with his fans has won him many followers. Depraved and insightful tweets are sure to inspire.

    76. Diablo Cody : She won an Oscar for the movie “Juno.” Quirky and thoughtful tweets are sure to inspire.

    77. Paul Coelho : From Brazil, he is both a lyricist and a novelist. Tweets are in English and Portuguese.

    78. Eleesha : Author of “The Soul Whisperer,” she shares her personal story and inspirational words. Tweets are often responses to followers.

    79. Lisa Collier Cool : A freelance writer, her books are on a variety of professional subjects. She often links to items of interest.

    80. Dillon Burroughs : He is a best-selling author of over 20 books. Dillon works with the less fortunate and tweets all about it.

    81. Blank Must Die : The writer of this graphic novel focuses on iconography, ghost, murder, and more. Tweets often link or respond to questions.

    82. Danny Wallace : In addition to writing “Yes Man” and “Join Me,” Danny has also been a comedian and presenter. Expect answers to questions and links.

Awe-Inspiring Actors You Should Follow on Twitter

Making art with their bodies, check out these actors.

    83. Rainn Wilson : Best known for his role in “The Office,” Rainn is also co-creator of Soul Pancake. Tweets are random and hilarious.

    84. Felicia Day : If you’ve never heard of her, Google “The Guild.” She broke ground with this amazing web series and “keeps her tweets real.”

    85. LeVar Burton : Whether for his role in “Star Trek” or “Roots,” LeVar is definitely an inspiration to everyone, including artists. Tweets are on what he is up to, along with links.

    86. Peter Facinelli : This young actor has starred in “Twilight” and “Nurse Jackie.” Tweets are often on items that interest him.

    87. Stephen Fry : This British actor has become a sensation on Twitter. Follow amusing, inspiring, and thoughtful tweets to see why.

    88.  Rob Corddry : This self-proclaimed gentleman has had a number of roles but is probably most remembered for “The Daily Show.” Tweets keep up in that comedic formula.

    89. Steve Agee : This comedian can currently be seen on “The Sarah Silverman Program.” He often answers the tweets of others.

    90. Christina Applegate : We loved her for her role in “Married With Children” and were inspired by her battle with cancer. Her tagline alone makes her worth a follow.

    91. Eliza Dushku : Eliza is best known for her roles in “Buffy” and “Dollhouse.” She often engages her followers in discussions.

Awe-Inspiring Music Artists You Should Follow on Twitter

Because music is art with sounds, check out these top Twitter users. We know everyone has different taste, but at least one is worth a follow.

    92. Britney Spears : The number two most followed person on Twitter has over 4 million people read her tweets. See what she is up to and get music related links.

    93. John Mayer : Known for his love life as well as his music, John fashions himself both a recording and sandwich artist. Tweets are usually what he is up to.

    94. Ashley Tisdale : A Disney star, she now records solo albums. See what she is up to by following her tweets.

    95. Coldplay : Their eclectic rock music is said to be inspiring to artists. Tweets are on daily life and links.

    96. I am Diddy : Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, and Sean Combs, can all be found here. He often links to things that interest him.

    97. Mariah Carey : She has been at the top of the charts for about 20 years. Check out her newest music and more on her tweets.

    98. 50 Cent : One of the most well-known protégés ever, 50 made the scene with his hit “In the Club.” Tweets are sparse but usually have links.

    99. Ashlee Simpson Wentz: With a famous sister and husband, Ashlee is now a mother. Tweets usually involve random thoughts.

    100. Pitchfork Media : If you still haven’t found a musician you would like to follow, click here. This Twitter user gives an essential guide to independent music to help you broaden your horizons.

Whether looking to be inspired through picture, drawings, words, or screen, the above 100 awe-inspiring artist you should follow on Twitter can have the creative juices flowing in no time. If you are an artist who would like to use Twitter to promote your work, check out this useful article by social media giant Mashable.